Sarah J. lives in Lee’s Summit with her family and 85 pound Goldendoodle, Harley.  Sarah enjoys all animals and dogs big and small.  Her favorite part of each visit is the excited “happy dance” the dogs do when she first arrives. Sarah enjoys spending time with her furry friends each day and now specializes in belly rubs! 


Sarah G lives in Olathe, KS with her fur baby Belle and her two young children. She has been an animal lover since she was a small child and loves all animals as if they were own. She and Belle love to play fetch at the park and at the lake! She looks forward to providing you peace of mind and a loving friend for your furry friends while you are away!

Nicole C lives in Overland Park KS with her two children and her very loving lab, Monty.  Nicole and Monty enjoy running and they never meet an animal they don’t like on their treks.  Monty also enjoys getting kiss after kiss after kiss on his nose from Nicole.  Nicole enjoys pets of all sizes and can’t wait to give your family member lots of love and attention.

​​Gwen H. lives in Lee's Summit with her family and rescue dog, Einstein. She is a fierce lover of all animals, big and small, and treats all of them as her own. Gwen loves to give great belly rubs and can play fetch until the cows come home!!

Katie C.,  lives in Lee's Summit with her family as well as her rescue pets, Frida the dog and Bindi the cat. Katie loves spending time with her furry clients and is devoted to their care.

Katie believes that our pets are our family and is committed to their needs while you are away.

​Jenna P. lives in Lees Summit with her family, including two dogs, Hurricane and Teekah, and a sweet Kitty with a whole lot of names since no one could agree :) Her husband is a Veterinarian in Grain Valley and she is a pet sitter so animals are a huge part of their lives. Jenna loves all pets and so enjoys spending time with them each day! "It's fun to meet new families pets and get to know them, and it's also fun to have gotten to know the pets I see often and keep getting to spend time with them.​"

Melanie K. Melanie grew up on a farm in northern Idaho, and moved to Missouri to go to college. Melanie graduated with an accounting degree, met her husband, and moved to Florida where she was a vet tech for 10 years. Melanie enjoys being around all animals large and small. She also loves being outside, and watching her fur-clients grow. Melanie is the proud owner of two kids, two dogs, and one husband!! :)

Astacia H. lives in south Lee's Summit with her husband and 3 children, who are counting down the days until their lab/weimaraner puppy is old enough to bring home.  At the moment their household includes one friendly cat and one grouchy cat, who are not awaiting the puppy addition as excitedly as the children! Previously, Astacia was a hair stylist. Maybe this is why she enjoys brushing and combing her furry charges both indoors on rainy days and in the backyard on sunny afternoons. She also loves taking long walks and eager doggy eyes can even persuade her to jog occasionally.

Ny W. is a life long animal lover.  She speaks both dog AND cat.  She believes in rescuing animals and helping them have full, happy lives through love and training.   

Currently she has a cross eyed cat named Kinney and 90 lb Boxer/Lab mix named Perkins.  From time to time there are also additional animals calling her house home.  It happens. 

Sit, stay and she'll rub your tummy!

Jeanna Ruehter, owner of Latchkey Pets, lives in Lee's Summit with her family, including her two rescued dogs, Dante and Hank.  Jeanna spends most of her time managing and promoting Latchkey Pets but loves when she is able to sub for a team member and gets to visit our furry clients.  Jeanna enjoys her work of growing a business that she believes helps families feel secure in the knowledge that their pet is safe and happy while they are away. 

Staci T. provides services to friends in the Lakewood community.  Staci is a fan of all dogs and says, "they are all so easy to love and it fills my heart with joy to know that we are giving our owners a sense of peace in knowing that their little ones will be well taken care of.  I have my own little mutt, Cobi Cooper that I rescued from the pound when he was only a year and I hope to some day add more to the pack!  We are dog lovers for life! :)"