Latchkey Pets provides daytime dog walking and vacation pet sitting services to pets in the Lee's Summit, Overland Park and surrounding areas.  

Our daytime dog walks consist of a walk (or backyard playtime if you prefer), potty break, water check and a treat for your pet.  This is great for dogs whose owners work long hours, puppies or elderly dogs who can't hold it all day or dogs who need a bit more exercise than their owners are able to provide.  These visits really benefit the dogs because they get extra exercise during the day when they are typically just lying around. This helps dogs stay healthy and happy and a happy dog makes for a happy dog owner.  It really is great to have a dog walker on your team!

Our vacation pet sitting is for owners who prefer not to board their pets when they are away for an extended time.  These clients want their pets to be comfortable in their own home with their own toys, smells, food, etc while they are away.  We typically do three to five visits a day for these pets with at least one walk per day.  We always keep in contact with the owners who are away with a text or call to let them know how their pets are doing.

You can contact us during our office hours (8am-4pm M-F) at 816.529.8500 or by emailing jeanna@latchkeypets.net.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Latchkey Pets-Daytime Dog Walking & Vacation Pet Sitting treated my precious little Fluffy with all the care and attention you could ever ask for!